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Modifikasi & Karoseri

Call Now Hotline Service at 0812-8181-8801. We sell Ambulance VVIP & VIP, Serving Ambulance Rental / Ambulance Rental in Jakarta, Bekasi, Tangsel / South Tangerang, Depok, Bogor. Available Ambulance Air Service, Air Ambulance Indonesia, Air Ambulance Medevac Service Provider, Medical Evacuation by Private Jet Air Ambulance, Air Ambulance Helicopter & Commercial Air Ambulance Flight. We are a specialist of procurement, modification, car body, marketing and sales of Ambulance cars from all car brands in Indonesia. You can entrust them to us. And we make sure that the quality of our Ambulance car is the best based on our experience in Ambulance Care, Caroserrie, 4x4 system, modification, rental, equipment, donation. We are ready to meet the demand of ambulance procurement from all over Indonesia.

We continue to innovate by launching many types and types of cars Ambulance is very elegant, such as Mitsubishi Ambulance, Daihatsu Ambulance, Nissan Ambulance, Ford Ambulance, Hyundai Ambulance, Isuzu Ambulance, VW Ambulance, Suzuki Ambulance, Ambulance Kia, Hino Ambulance, Mazda Ambulance, Toyota Ambulance, Mining Special Ambulance, 4x4 Ambulance, Ambulance International, etc.

Currently has been present and exist as one of the companies engaged in the assembly and modification of ambulance cars in Indonesia with good quality and competitive prices. Since the establishment of the company, we have been able to meet the demands / orders of ambulance cars from Aceh to Papua. Demand not only come from the central government, district and provincial governments especially health offices throughout Indonesia but we also fulfill orders from private parties such as plantation companies, mining, social foundations and so on.

We hope to work maximally to make our company more recognized by the organizers of institutions in the field of health & nursing, especially clinics and hospitals in the hope that in the future we can establish a continuous relationship with good, especially related to the activities that are being we do.

Serving sales for regions throughout Indonesia; Sumatra, Java, Bali, Lombok, NTB, NTT, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Papua. Want to know more about our ambulance products we are currently producing, to call our hotline at 081808800409. You can also e-mail to transambulans@gmail.com.The need for pre-medical ambulance vehicles in various regions throughout Indonesia making us as a car body manufacturer and ambulance modifications to the flood of orders or orders from local governments and central government, national companies, multi national, foreign companies working in Indonesia.

Our company also exists as one of the companies engaged in the transportation services of people with special means of transportation ie Ambulance that caters specifically for people who are sick, being in medical care by clinic or hospital or post medical treatment and hauling the corpse ( special island of Java)

Some of our experiences we have done are:

- Evacuate patient from Airport to hospital or from hospital to airport upon request of health insurance party in cooperation with Flying Doctor Asia.

- Evacuate patients from one hospital to another referred hospital.

- Transporting patients from one hospital to another for certain medical treatment and returning again.

- Transporting post-treatment patients to return home.

- Carrying outpatients etc.

on the request of our patient's family also provides nurses who will accompany / care for patients during the trip in the ambulance car.

We are ready to serve you with full taste. You are disappointed to let us know, you are satisfied tell others.